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Logan - Baseball Pitching Series

See how we took a series of pitching photos to create a single action image

Front Pitch Series

For this first series, we had Logan do a series of pitches throwing the ball in the photographers direction (It would have been nice to maybe have some kind of shield/fence to be able to get the shot head on…but didn’t have one available for this shoot!). The total series of one pitch is shown.

After finding the best series, the editing work began by digitally removing the background and stacking the images on top of each other. Next is trial and error finding the best image and each image to go behind that would show the cycle of the pitch.

The final enhancement after getting the series of the pitching cycle set is choosing a fun background. Many ideas to choose! From fun and surreal to a more real background with text…the possibilities are endless!

Side Pitch

Another pitch series shot from the side

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