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Alexander Washlock - Baseball

Studio fun with green screen as well as black and white backgrounds for some fun photo collages!

The Studio Shot

Since I wanted to do a dramatic “dive shot” for Alexander, I utilized probably the best purchase I’ve ever made for photography! In studio is a large crash mat that was used for pole vaulting at a local school. This allows for more dramatic shots and a very safe landing. Since the athlete and I don’t have to worry about the landing, we can focus on the jump, body position as well as great reactions. The other secret to getting that great “catch” is not throwing the ball for him to catch…but rather him releasing the ball as he’s jumping! The only thing I do have to worry about is the ball taking off and coming right at me (which is why he’s jumping at just a slight angle so it’s not hitting me…but mom is in the corner catching it). Of all of the jumps, this one is definitely my favorite!

The Result

Sometimes it’s hard to say which is more fun…the photography or editing the photos and creating something unique for each athlete! For this series that I took, I chose this image to match with a background that I already had. The rest is years of photoshop experience deciding on lighting, shadows, placement and dozens of other small edits to make the final image.

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